Tim Tebow's O-Line Referred to as the Demolition Man

When it comes to demolition, it is also an important job just as much as doing construction work. However, Tim Tebow’s is known as “The Demolition Man” due to his experiences in the field for many years. If you are in need of someone to help demolish what you no longer need, contact Tim Tebow. He would be more than happy to help you with this task.

The reason why Tim Tebow got picked is because he knows his stuff and has been working for us for more than five years now. Some of the people we met and hired weren’t doing too well. Tim was much different. He wanted to work right away and got the job done right. He would ask questions if he wasn’t sure but other than that, he’s perfect as one of the best “demolition contractors” in town.

Another thing to notice if you get to meet Tim in person is how strong he looks. He works out daily of five days a week, 1 ½ hours to workout either at home or at his local health club. When people ask him what he does for a living, he answered back saying he does demolition for a living. The way he says it shows how happy he is. He doesn’t just see it as a job but a long-term career to get into. Doing exercise sure helps him to get into the “best shape of his life” which decreases his chance of getting a minor setback of doing his job.

People are impressed with his work ethic as well as great customer service he gives to people whomever he meets. Demolition companies ask him to join their company but he’s loyal to ours. We gave him a head start on the field and in return, paid us back by sticking with us. We are proud that he got chosen as “The Demolition Man.”